Monday, June 4, 2012

A $mall ¢hange is on its way

Also debuting in Crewest's Front Gallery is Boston-based artist, Rob "Problak" Gibbs. His new body of work entitled Small Change celebrates the artist's first solo show in Los Angeles. When asked what inspired his new works, Problak explains:

"The phrase, 'a little goes a long way', inspired this body of work. I think the average person can easily overlook how change can quickly accumulate. When change comes together, it's value and power matches it's weight in a variety of ways--especially in our consumer culture. This collection showcases some change I earned over time. I wanted to remix the value of what we accumulate and probably overlook everyday. Please enjoy the "EP" to my upcoming show. I hope you get to walk away with a small change in your point of view" Grow on flow on."--Problak

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


To the world wide web allow me to welcome you to what I would like to call the begining. As a collaborative masterpiece of my moms and pops I came into the world ready to grow. Grow in a way that celebrates and honors the gift of life they provided for me. I walk, talk and imprint the planet with the ability to create and document a range of ideas,thoughts ,visions, emotions,etc. I earned the name to rock hard for more than just fame. I'm only skimming the surface in choices that I make to create. With the dicipline behind living a creative lifestyle, I walk the path of a graffitti writer with the intention of keeping the soul inside our cultures artform. Yeah that's right SOUL POWER. Stay tuned stay focused & Stay Strong as I'm about to share a gang of pieces and some of the stories behind them. Thanks for checking me out........